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Culturally Competent Services

Providing culturally competent services is fundamental to assuring that services are individualized and sensitive to the needs of the person receiving treatment in accordance with the Patients' Bill of Rights and Individualized Recovery and Treatment Policy.

In 2006, DMHAS issued Promoting a Culturally Competent Service System, which outlines the mental health system’s responsibility for proving services that respond “to the needs and differences of all individuals, based on their race, gender, age, physical or mental status, sexual orientation, and ethnic or cultural heritage.”  It mandates that all services be culturally appropriate, and recognized the department’s responsibility to provide staff training to assist the workforce to be culturally competent.

In May of 2010, the Commissioner issued a policy statement and implementing procedures to assure that persons entering the DMHAS system of care are offered culturally appropriate services, in their preferred language at each point of entry and throughout the course of treatment. The policy specifies that family members shall not be used as interpreters unless specifically requested by the client after a qualified interpreter has been offered to the client.

In addition, state and federal laws prohibit discrimination against persons based upon their
National origin licensing and certification violations may occur when services are not culturally competent.

CLRP will represent individuals whose right to culturally competent services has been violated.

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