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Conservators are appointed by the Probate Court to help individuals who are found to be unable to care for themselves and/or their property. Conservators can help individuals with mental health conditions manage aspects of daily living, such as paying bills, if they are unable to handle it themselves.

However, conservators can exercise much control over an individual's life. That can sometimes interfere with the person's ability to become as independent and self-sufficient as possible.

Understanding Conservatorships

The Connecticut conservatorship statute changed in 2007 to shift the emphasis to ensuring that people maintain as much independence and control over their decision-making as possible. Conservators should not make decisions for people when they are able to make those decisions themselves. Therefore, it is important that persons with mental health conditions understand their rights as they relate to conservators ... [ more ]

How a Conservator is Appointed

Any person may file an "Application for the Appointment of a Conservator" with the Probate Court in the district where the individual who is alleged to be "incapable" resides. The Probate Court will hold a hearing within thirty days of receiving the application, although the hearing may be postponed for good cause ... [ more ]

How to Hold a Conservator Accountable

For years, conservators had the right to make all decisions for conserved persons. Often, the conserved individual was not consulted in decision-making and his or her preferences were not considered. Connecticut changed the law in 2007 ... [ more ]

Changing or Terminating a Conservatorship

Too often conservatorships are regarded as permanent and rigid. However, as an individual recovers and gains independence, the conserved person should have more control over his or her own decisions. Often, the conservator's authority should decrease, and conservators who do not respect the preferences of the person in recovery should be changed ... [ more ]

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