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Criminal Justice

People living with mental health conditions often become involved with the criminal justice system for reasons related to their disability as well as the fact that they may not have access to the affordable housing or support services they need to maintain their stability and recovery.

The Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, in collaboration with the Court Support Services Division of the Judicial Branch, and the Department of Corrections, has established several programs that are designed to prevent the unnecessary and inappropriate incarceration of persons with mental illness, as well as to facilitate a therapeutic and successful transition to the community for those who must be incarcerated. These include:

  • Jail Diversion/Court Liaison Program for persons charged with minor offenses. The program provides assessment, referral and linkages to community services to prevent incarceration. There is also a specialized women’s jail diversion program and a jail diversion trauma program.
  • Community Recovery Engagement Support and Treatment Center (CREST) serves up to thirty people in New Haven who would not otherwise be diverted from or released from incarceration if not accepted into the program.
  • Advanced Supervision and Intervention Support Program (ASIST) provides more intensive services for persons with significant psychiatric disorders who require both judicial supervision at an alternative to incarceration cnter and clinical services.
  • Re-Entry Initiatives are being developed to promote a safe transition from incarceration, and on a limited basis, make supportive housing available for persons being released from incarceration.

CLRP does not represent generally clients on matters related to their mental health treatment during incarceration. Information on mental health treatment can be found on Disability Rights Connecticut's website (DRCT). However, we may represent persons eligible for DMHAS services in accessing diversion or re-entry services.

The purpose of this website is to provide a basic overview. It is not intended to give legal advice, nor is it meant to give the reader every detail about the laws.

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