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CLRP provides education, advice and representation to clients on discrimination related matters, specifically people who are being denied safe, decent and affordable housing because of their disability. However, CLRP can become involved in a broader range of problems, collaborating with providers to intervene and resolve housing issues as early as possible. Clients have received representation to obtain repairs, end harassment, prevent eviction, or obtain supportive services that would allow them to retain their housing.

Basics of Fair Housing Rights

Federal and state laws protect the rights of persons with mental health conditions and other disabilities to live in the housing of their choice without discrimination. This is not a preference. Fair housing laws give persons with disabilities the same opportunity to obtain or retain housing as persons who do not have a disability ... [ more ]

Know Your Rights When Looking for Housing

Persons with disabilities are not required to disclose a disability to a prospective landlord, and the landlord is prohibited from asking about a disability. Although it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of disabilities, such discrimination occurs. Therefore, the decision of what to disclose belongs to the individual and not anyone assisting him or her ... [ more ]

Reasonable Accommodations

A reasonable accommodation is a change in policies or rules, or a structural modification, that enables a person with a disability to live on the premises and enjoy equal access to its benefits ... [ more ]

Housekeeping and Collecting Issues

Landlords are not allowed to impose additional lease provisions on tenants with disabilities such as medication compliance, confirmation that the person can live independently, or more frequent inspections ... [ more ]

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